Our Story

Aurra Wood Co. was founded in 2021 by two friends who knew that their local town was missing out on handcrafted home furnishings. You would typically have to drive to a bigger city to get a custom piece of resin/wood furniture or a quick gift like charcuterie boards and coasters. That's when we knew we had to take our passion for woodworking to a new level. To give our local community something... more!


All of our wood is sourced locally with 80% of the trees being salvaged due to the conditions of mother nature. We then do the entire milling and drying process ourselves. 


Our goal is to create something more for people to cherish in their homes, or to have an extra meaning behind that special gift to someone. All our pieces can have your extra touch on it by customizing the piece whether that be, colour, size, or engraving. 


 Meet the Team


                         Tanner Spink:
                    Co-Founder & Head of Operations 





 William Lecky:
Co-Founder, sales & lumber






   Tyson Lafave: 

Lead hand & Woodworker





Kenzie Hendrie: 
Social Media & Marketing